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WyScion is an ex-GM Zerg player. She studies engineering and likes playing StarCraft and music in her spare time. Her signature build is the double proxy hatch. She is also the FSL Champion of Season 3.

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FSL Matchup Stats

Season 3
vs GH %
Terran 3:0 100,00
Zerg 6:1 85,71
Protoss 9:1 90,00

FSL Achievements

Date Place Race Event Team Result Winnings
2017-07-08 1st FSL Season 3 Playoffs All-Inspiration 4:1 Kyuubi 160,- €
2017-06-07 1st FSL Season 3 League finish All-Inspiration 7:0 All none

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Country: USA
Race: Zerg
League: Master 1
Team: All Inspiration