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Schnubiiii works as a PhD student in the broad field of plant molecular biology and biochemistry. She is a big fan of Star Trek and the Tomb Raider franchise. Schnubiii joined the FSL as off-season player during Season 1 and decided to play in Season Mode in Season 2.

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FSL Matchup Stats

Season 2
vs GH %
Terran 0:6 0,00
Zerg 1:15 6,25
Protoss 0:15 0,00
Season 3
vs GH %
Terran 1:10 9,09
Zerg 0:4 0,00
Protoss 3:8 27,27

FSL Achievements

Date Place Race Event Team Result Winnings
2016-11-26 2nd StarCrafts Mod 2v2 Cup myRisk 0:3 Miya/Suno 4,- €

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Country: Germany
Race: Zerg
League: Platinum 2
Team: myRisk