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Kyuubi started to play Starcraft 2 in 2011. She had some periods of inactivity but was constantly able to hold Master league level. She likes watching Anime, drawing and streaming SC2.

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FSL Matchup Stats

Season 3
vs GH %
Terran 3:1 75,00
Zerg 7:4 63,64
Protoss 6:0 100,00

FSL Achievements

Date Place Race Event Team Result Winnings
2017-07-08 2nd FSL Season 3 Playoffs eSwarm 1:4 WyScion 80,- €
2017-06-07 2nd FSL Season 3 League finish eSwarm 6:1 All none

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Country: Russia
Race: Zerg
League: Master 1
Team: eSwarm